The AJM STUDIOS Northwest Photo Journey is a showcase of over 20,000 photos from the northwest. The photographs are images from Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. All the photographs are taken by USAPatriot, making it the biggest online collection of northwest town/city photos by one person.


It all started after USAPatriot took pictures from Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon while on a boat. He though, why not share it to everyone? And so the idea came to be.The Northwest Photo Journey started on June 16, 2006. It was released to the public on AJM STUDIOS.NET. Originally, the NWPJ was all featured on AJM STUDIOS.NET. This was the case until 2010 when the series was officially being transferred to it's new AJM STUDIOS NWPJ Homepage on the image hosting site, Flickr. The official forum remained at AJM STUDIOS.NET. it is expected for the transfer to last all of 2010 and into 2011.


  • It is the most viewed series on AJM STUDIOS.NET.