Vital statistics
Title Batsman
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age Unknown
Born Unknown
Eye Color Black
Occupation Superhero
Status Alive
Location City



Batsman is the main character in the AJM STUDIOS comic, Batsman and Batling. He "fights" crime in a large North American City. His sidekick is Batling.



Batsman Image.

Batsman's past is unknown, and most of what he does and says is distorted and meshed up into his weird "Bats-speak." He often slurs words, not because he is drunk, but because he is presumably quite young and may have some sort of a speech impediment. We never see who Batsman is under the mask as well. He wears a dark grey suit with little pointy bat ears on top. He fashions a dark grey cape.

Batsman's only known physical features to his real human self is that he is small, and of an unknown age. He sometimes has bright blue eyes, which represent an innocence in his character. Other times, his eyes are black dots, often facing opposite of each other. He has a famous grin, well known for being small and happy.

Batsman never drives, and takes the MET Transit everywhere. His "Bats Cave" or home is never shown.


  • Early drawings of Batsman has a "BM" logo on his shirt.