Francis Giotti
Vital statistics
Title Mayor Francis Giotti
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Age Unknown
Born Wardill
Eye Color Brown/Gray
Occupation Mayor
Status Alive
Location Wardill


Francis Giotti is a character in the series Batsman and Batling.  He is the mayor of Wardill.


Mayor Francis Giotti was born and raised to immigrant parents in the city of Wardill.  

He is seen to have an extreme disliking to vigilantism and believes firmly it is the job of the government to tell people what is good for them.  In the episode, "The Puppet Show," Mayor Giotti tells Lisa Shinegold, "The citizens don't know what is good for them, I do!  The government knows!"  It seems apparent he does not beleive that vigilantism should be done, and goes into more serious measures to curb this as the series progresses.  Also within the episode, "The Puppet Show," it would seem that Giotti is nothing more then a puppet mayor to do the bidding of the mob, an organized crime outfit within [[Wardill]].  

By episode "The Start of Something New," Mayor Giotti passes into law that no vigilantes are to be allowed within Wardill city limits.  He goes on to call Batsman a menace and have him placed on the most wanted list. 

The citizens of Wardill are said to be "outraged" by the mayor's choice to have Batsman on the most wanted list.  The public's opinion of the mayor before this point is never talked about or alluded too.  It is not known of the mayor was legally voted into office, or if corruption was his key to being elected.  

Nothing is known about his family or relatives, but it is evident he has ties to the mob, and is involved in corruption.

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