Jack's Dad is also Becky's Dad. He is a character in Jack & Twister Comics. He first appeared in 1996 in the Mystery Kids books.


Jack's Dad is married to Jack's Mom. He works in the daytime and almost always wears a tie. As seen in the panel comics, he enjoys to go fishing on his days off, and tries to cook meals when Mom is not home. His cooking is not known to be good.

He has a similar appearance to his son, Jack, except that his hair is smooth, like the old style Jack and not spikey. He also has the iconic family feature on males, which is two strands of hair sticking up on the back of his head.

He appears to be a mostly happy man, and is never shown angry, but he has been shown serious, especially in comics when Becky was talking back to him.


Jack's Dad was first shown in the Mystery Kids, and was created in 1996. He has since been in every form of media that involve Jack and Twister including the picture/text comic books and the panel comics.


  • Jack's Dad has always worn a blue shirt and a red tie when he dresses up, which is virtually everytime he is seen. It has been this way since 1996.
  • He likes to go fishing on his days off.
  • Jack's Dad is a bad cook as seen in a few comics.

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