Here is every Jack & Twister Comics picture/Text Comic Book. There is no full record of how many Mystery Kids books there are, which came before these comics.


1. Christmas Danger

2. Very Merry Christmas


3. The Lizard

4. The Trouble Begins

5. The More Bad The Better

6. Too Close For Comfort

7. Happy Ending

8. The 5th or 1st Anniversary

9. One Splut Too Many

10. Hotter Than Ice

11. Too Hot For Ice

12. The Endings The Best

13. Vacation Vacation, 2001!

14. The Way It Should End

15. A Strange Story

16. Hamburger Perfect

17. The Fourth of July Chase

18. Endurance: Filbert Road

19. Endurance II

20. It Happens Again

21. Caught Money Handed

22. Trick

23. Happy Faces

24. Return of Lizzy

25. The Lizzy Battle

26. The Not So Clean Room

27. Kiddie Sitter Mess

28. A Different Story

29. Dog Doo-Doom

30. The Doggy Mess

31. Teacher Meets Dog

32. Dog Is Gone

33. Take Out The Trash

34. Germ Warefare

35. Keep It Up And You Will Lose It

36. Vicky Sitter

37. Ok, I Don't Get It

38. Truth Or Dare

39. Ye Olde Story of Kidalot

40. Car Crash And Evil Ten Cents

41. The Odd Day In Spokane

42. Christmas Again

43. I'm Jack And I Like Pie

44. That September Day - (Was a tribute to September 11th, 2001.)

45. It's Christmas

46. Dog's Nephew?

47. Adoption Who?

48. Jack The Superior


49. Survival Of The Dweebs

50. Strange -O- Stuff

51. Cat-Dog Trouble

52. Capture That Flag

53. Testing 1,2,3!

54. All That Stupor Stuff About Flags And More Jazz And Whatever

55. Dopes On Slopes

56. You Can Be Me, And I Can Be You

57. A Hastily Thrown Together Doodle Book

58. Flea Or Die

59. Their Back

60. Short And Sweet

61. Oh Pretty Woman

62. Love Sick

63. Itty Bitty

64. Dog's Prob

65. The Day Of Flame

66. Battle Of Doom

67. Alien Find

68. The Day of Parell Doom

69. No More Friends

70. Contest Mania

71. Operation Zero

72. Gotcho


73. Cookie, Cookie, Cookie

74. The Big Blow

74. Mad Monkey

75. The Last Showing

76. The Insane Book of Cartoons

77. The Insane Book of Cartoons II


78. Book of Cartoons 3

79. Books of Cartoons 4

80. Greenhouse Effect

81. Longing To Be Liked

82. Dark Club

83. Deep Sea Terror

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