Killa's Sayings was created by Killerboy and was an instant success. The thread was simply Killerboy posting random quotes of his own, often being humorous in nature. It was looked upon as a funny thread.


The series started on January 16, 2006 and ended on April 5, 2008. The thread's focus was random sayings and quotes by Killerboy himself. The very first Killa's Sayings was such a surprise hit among members, that the first thread itself attracted over 5,800 views. After the success of the first thread, Killerboy created a second one, but about mid-way through the thread, stopped updating it. This brought down many members and questioned the reasoning. Killerboy was later quoted saying, "My lack of interest isn't doing this thread much good which is the main reason I want to close it down. Still, I plan on opening a new thread series." After only 570 posts in the second thread, the series ended after a run of just one and a half threads. This short series gathered huge reviews and a large following. It had over 8,900 views in just one and a half thread. Fans have many times stated they would still support the creation of a new thread. The series was located in The General Lobby.
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