Killa Comics is the name of a comic company formed by AJM STUDIOS member, Killerboy. The company is responsible for the creation of two comic series, one of them being called Matt and Tyler and the other going unnamed. Both comics were distributed on AJM STUDIOS and only lasted for a few episodes. For awhile now, Killa Comics has been promising to release a new series and creator Killerboy has said that he plans to release the new series in the upcoming months.


Killa Comics was unofficially formed back in November 2005 with AJM STUDIOS member Killerboy releasing a comic series called Matt and Tyler. At the time of Matt and Tyler's release, the company Killa Comics itself did not exist. Killa Comics truly came into being when Killerboy asked USAPatriot to create fanart for his Matt and Tyler and USA released the fanart with the title "Killa's Comics" on it. After the release of the fanart, it became widely assumed that the Matt and Tyler series was actually called "Killa's Comics" and everyone began referring to as that. In five years of being around, this studio has only produced on short lived series, but since 2007, the studio has said they would return to comic making. As of 2010, no new information has been released, or if this studio is still working on comics.

Comic SeriesEdit


Upon the release of the series, Matt and Tyler, it received high marks because of the fresh new ideas and the fact that it was the first new comic on AJM STUDIOS beside the AJM STUDIOS Comic and The Belch Dimension.

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