Lauren Olsinger

Lauren was a bagger along with Trent Goodwin at Mr. Grocery's Store. Lauren is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101. She is in her teens and very much into texting and checking her MiFace page online. Lauren did not seem to care about her job at Mr. Grocery's Store and often times did not show up for work, or came up with lame excuses to not work. She has even told off Larry Homestead before, which came as a surprise to him. It is because of her lack of work, that people assume Trent Goodwin was hired. She was fired in a surprise move by Larry Homestead.

About HerEdit


Lauren would prefer not to do her job.

Lauren acts bland and uncaring. She often stands or sits in a corner texting on her cell phone, or checking her MiFace page. She is shown at various times telling Larry Homestead to stop bothering her when he tells her to turn off her cell phone and work. For some reason her job secuity has never been questioned. She is also rude to customers and other employees. When out on the sales floor, she will often be seen talking with Tarin Flaxseed who has a similar mentality to Lauren. Lauren was eventually fired by Larry Homestead and her current status is unknown.


Lauren and Trent.