2006 Matt and Tyler fanart drawn by USAPatriot.

Matt and Tyler, also known as Matt and Tyler Comics, was a short-lived comic series created and drawn by AJM STUDIOS.NET member Killerboy. It was one of the two comics released by Killa Comics. The series debuted in November 2005 and officially ended sometime in February 2006. This was the very first comic series that was ever attempted by Killerboy.


Back during the early days of the website AJM STUDIOS.NET, website member Killerboy was introduced to the comic series Jack & Twister Comics drawn by USAPatriot. Amazed by USAPatriot's work with the comic, Killerboy was motivated to finally make a comic series of his own, something that he always wanted to do. During Thanksgiving Break 2005, Killerboy quickly sketched out two characters and dubbed them "Matt" and "Tyler". These two characters would become two of the three main characters of the comic series. After he had the main characters created, Killerboy worked on the first comic of the series and published it on AJM STUDIOS.NET for input. After finding himself encouraged by the thoughts and opinions of other members, Killerboy proceeded to continue work on the series. An additional 10 comics were made over the course of the next three months and 9 of them were posted in the Art Work thread in The Entertainment Theater. During February 2006, Killerboy suddenly found himself deciding that he wanted to do a new series with new characters and canceled Matt and Tyler. Only a few select members were notified of the series's cancellation and the rest gradually found out over the next few months.


The Matt and Tyler comics generally revolved around the lives of the two main characters, Matt and Tyler. Each episode had its own self-contained plot and there was no continuation. Creator Killerboy did have plans to introduce comic episodes that would go on for several pages to the series, but that idea never came to happen due to the series cancellation.






Nameless Girl



The very first episode of Matt and Tyler.

Episode 1 (Page 1)

Episode 2 (Page 1, Page 2)

Episode 3 (Page 1, Page 2)

Episode 4 (Page 1, Page 2)

Episode 5 (Page 1, Page 2)

Episode 6 (Page 1)

Episode 7 (Unavailable)

Episode 8 (Page 1)

Episode 9 (Page 1)

Episode 10 (Page 1)


  • Despite the series being officially called "Matt and Tyler", for most of AJM STUDIOS.NET history, member generally knew it as "Killer's Comics" or "Killa's Comics". This misconception has to primarily do with a piece of fanart USAPatriot made for the series back in 2006.
  • A total of five pieces of fanart have been made for the series. They're all created by USAPatriot and four of them can be found in USA's Art Gallery. The fifth one was a signature piece that USAPatriot made for creator Killerboy.
  • Matt and Tyler was the first true comic series by Killerboy.