Mr. Grocery's Store.

Mr. Grocery's Store is the main location to the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101. The grocery store is run by Bruce Grocery and his secondary manager Larry Homestead. Mr. Grocery's store is located on the edge of downtown Greenwood.

The grocery store is a owned and run by Bruce Grocery who had this business passed down from his father. The business started in Greenwood by his father. Today Mr. Grocery's Store is a large grocery store, and one of a kind.



Mr. Grocery is the manager of his own store.

Bruce Grocery - Store Manager

Larry Homestead - Secondary Manager

Moe Hackeysack - Head Shelf Stocker

Erin Rouse - GoTo Employee

Marty Shoeman - Produce

Barry Winslow - Shelf Stocker

Paul Benson - Cashier

Tarin Flaxseed - Cashier

Cindy Breakwater - Cashier

Lauren Olsinger - Bagger

Trent Goodwin - Bagger

Frequent CustomersEdit

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