Ron's Bistro sign.

Ron's Bistro was created on December 14, 2009. It was made to compete with Cafe Murray and provide an alternative place to sit down, and enjoy the day, and have a good priced, great tasting meal. Ron's Bistro also has a gift shop with a limited selection of novelty items and souvenirs.

Ron's Bistro is located on the street level floor of the AJM STUDIOS Building facing Union Street in Seattle, Washington. It has an entrance on Union Street as well as an entrance into the AJM STUDIOS Building main lobby. It is across the way lobby from Cafe Murray. It is one of four restaurants in the AJM STUDIOS Building including the Starlight Lounge and The Skyline Diner. The thread series is located in Your Community Office.


The menu is set, but subject to change and has items for Breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, and desserts. All menu items are served all day except dinner items, which start at 4pm.


Muffin - A savory muffin of you choice, baked fresh daily. - $2.00

Croissant - A buttery delight, french toasted, and served with butter and jam. - $2.00

Breakfast Roll - A puffy roll served with one egg, a hashbrown, and a sausage. - $3.50

Pan Pancakes - A soft delicious serving of 3 pancakes and one egg. - $3.50

Non French Toast - A savory blast of flavor, 3 pieces of french toast served with butter and maple syrup, and one egg. - $3.50

Breakfast Sanwich - Eggs, cheese, ham, and bacon within a soft bread of your choice, toasted and buttered. - $3.50

Ron's Bistro Breakfast Brunch - 2 eggs served with a hasbrown, two sausage links, and your choice of 2 waffles, 2 pancakes, or 3 slices of french toast. - $5.00


Soup of the day - Our delicious soup of the day served with you choice of bread roll. - $2.00

Sandwich - Best sandwich's you will ever eat. You can choose from our list, ham and cheese, peanut Better & jelly, honey and peanut butter, and four cheese sandwich. - $2.00

BBLT - Our Better Bacon Lettuce and Tomato is simply better, served with a fresh layer of every important ingredient, and our special sauce. - $3.00

Garden Salad - Tossed greens, fresh water lettuce, mini corn, carrots, olives, cherry tomatos, and croutons, all mixed with your favorite dressing. - $2.50

Bistro Burger - Our big savory burger with a big chunk of meat, lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatos, mayo, ketchup, and mustard. Served with fries. Cheese and extra 20 cents. - $4.00


Pan Fried Garlic Mushrooms - Flambed in white wine, garlic and cream and served on our zesty Italian white bread. Fresh paramesan is graded on top and served with a garden salad. - $5.00

Jalepeno Burger - Our famous jalepeno burger is a thick chunk of beef, with a thick helping of sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheese on the opposite sides of each other on the beef, slapped between a layer of jalepeno's and our toasted sesame buns. Served with fries onion rings and a side salad. - $5.00

Bistro Wings - Chicken wings tossed in one of our three famous sauces, hot n' spicy, spicy, or sweet sesame. Served with fries or onion rings. - $5.00

Ron's Lasagne - Our magnificent beef lasagne served with freshly graded cheese, side salad and a wedge of garlic bread. - $5.50

Chicken Breast - A classic roast chicken breast, rubbed in garlic and fetta. Served with a bread roll, and your choice of french fries or onion rings. Side salad included. $5.50

Ron's Rich Ribs - The best ribs you will eat, so soft and juicy, they come right off the bone! Served with your choice of sauce. Comes with a wedge of bread and side salad. - $8.00


Water - Free!

Pop - Your choice of any of our pops, including our homemade root beer. - $1.00

Juice - Any of our juices, apple, orange, lemonade, cranberry. - $1.00

Milk or Chocolate Milk - Creamiest yet! - $1.00

Tea - Your favorite tea, in a cup. - $1.00

Coffee - Coffe how you like it. - $1.50

Italian Soda - Vanilla, orange, banana, soda. - $1.95

Milk Shake - Our creamy milk shakes, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Chocolate, banana, strawberry, caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, peanut butter, cherry. - $2.50


Dark Chocolate Cake - A thick slice of our three layered chocolate cake, with a fresh shaving of chocolate chunks on top. - $2.00

Ice cream - Choose from our list of ice creams, for a scoop or two, and add up to two toppings free. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. - $2.00 (One scoop) $2.50 (Two scoops)

Pie Heaven - A slice of our homemade pies, served with scoop of vanilla ice cream and slightly warmed pie. Apple, cherry, peach cobbler, pumpkin. - $3.00

Gift Shop


Pencil- $.50

Keychain - $5.00

Calendar - $10.00

Liscense Plate frame - $12.00


Gloves - $7.00

Baseball cap - $10.00

T-shirt - $12.00

Longsleeve - $15.00

Jacket - $32.00


AJM STUDIOS Comic Books - $5.00

Ron's Bistro Recipe Book - $10.00

AJM STUDIOS Assorted Music CD's - $12.00

History of AJM STUDIOS Hardcover - $30.00


Ron's Bistro owner, Ron, in an article in Ron's Reasons called Is Cafe Murray Popular? claimed that Cafe Murray was not popular and followed it up with some credible, and some non credible facts proving a point. In this article, posted on October 2, 2009, Ron made his first mention of Ron's Bistro which would enter the AJM STUDIOS Building as a rival to Cafe Murray on December 14, 2009. In conclusion to Ron's claim against Cafe Murray, he said,

"Cafe Murray is a sick place, that breaks AJM STUDIOS Rules, and gets away with it. They are dirty and unclean in how they talk. Have double meanings, and is the number one location of crime and possible revolutions that would be started against the AJM Counsel. The place is covered in filth, and needs to be shut down. It brings in unwanted people, and turns good people, Trollis and Omar, into Cafe Murray Trash."

Ron also pointed out that the majority of the threads are from a niche few, and not the majority of AJM STUDIOS. Cafe Murray's owner, Murray, had this to say as a response, "Wow, that certainly was interesting. "