Roommates Comic
Illustrator AJM STUDIOS
Publication date 2014
Published by AJM STUDIOS
Publication Order
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Roommates is a comic series created and drawn by AJM, creator of the well known [[Grocery Store 101]]. The story follows Garret and his friends in their everyday lives. The series takes place in the fictional town of Greenwood.  The series first premiered in 2014.


Coming Soon


Garret - A slightly overweight young adult in search of a new roommate after his friend Wayne moves out.

Wayne Budding - One of Garret's best friends who moves out with his grilfriend leaving Garret to find a new roommate.

Wayne's Girlfriend - Wayne's girlfriend.

Garret's Dad - Garret's Dad.

Garret's Mom - Garret's Mom.


# Episode Name Hard Release Online Release Episode Viewer
1 "New Start" July 3, 2014 P1
2 "Overboard" July 4, 2014 P1
3 "Desperate Measures" TBA

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