Tarin Flaxseed

Tarin Flaxseed is a character in the AJM STUDIOS Comic, Grocery Store 101.. She is a checker at Mr. Grocery's Store. She checks from check stand number 2.

Tarin is known for getting all the latest gossip. Chances are she will know what is going on with almost anyone in town, let alone the entire store. She almost always has the scoop.

About HerEdit


Tarin know everything going on in the store.

Tarin has an attitude that can be described as nonchalant and uncaring. She acts like nothing bothers her, and that she is one step ahead of everyone else, or so she thinks. She never makes a big deal about her job at Mr. Grocery's Store, but if she doesn't have to work, she won't. She won't do any more then she has too to get by.

She also seems to not be afraid of authority, even hushing Larry Homestead up in the episode The Ballad of Paul Benson'. She does not seem to care much about her fellow employee's and does not look at any of as friends. She does talk to Lauren Olsinger though, who she can relate too on various aspects.

Her personal life is unknown, and her age is assumed to be mid to late twenties.

High Points in the SeriesEdit

In the episode The Ballad of Paul Benson, Tarin uses blackmail against Paul Benson, saying that he must pay her fifty dollars a day to keep a secret quiet, and when her demands are not met, she bribes Larry Homestead, asking for a week off of work paid.

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