The last Ron Report banner in 2008.

The Ron Report was the most successful AJM STUDIOS.NET thread series ever created. The series was created by Ron and brought over from the now defunct Gametalk game forums. It was released on AJM STUDIOS.NET on May 19, 2005. It was located in Ron's Lounge. Both Ron's Lounge and the Ron Reports ended on July 12, 2008. They remain on AJM STUDIOS.NET for people to view, but locked to new posts. The series held open chats and role playing. The series was AJM STUDIOS.NET's premier chat destination from 2005 to early 2008. It was replaced by Killa's Krib.



Ron Reports started officially before AJM STUDIOS.NET on a gaming forum called Gametalk. The original Gametalk forum has been closed down since then, and with it, the original conversations from the Ron Reports there. AJM STUDIOS has saved some major chats from Gametalk. Ron and his Ron Reports became locally known on Gametalk between the years 2003-2005 for having a major cult following of loyal members who would talk in their threads nightly. They were well known for being among the only threads to get over 100 posts. This was a stunning accomplishment on Gametalk. When USAPatriot made AJM STUDIOS.NET for Gametalk members to join and carry over their chats there, many followed, notably Killerboy, Ubs, Kim, and some others. Soon after the move, Gametalk was fatally hacked into, and disappeared off the internet.


The Ron Reports were the place to be during these years. Many claimed these were the golden years of the Ron Reports as they dominated the ratings on AJM STUDIOS.NET. There were chats nightly with events happening all the time. It was a high flying session of fun. There was not much competition to the Ron Reports. Chatta Box was the next closest chat thread, and even it could never reach the power of the Ron Reports.


The popularity of the Ron Reports were still higher then anything else on AJM STUDIOS.NET for a chat related thread in 2007, but other threads started to grow in popularity as well as new topics and RPG's which took away from the power of the Ron Reports. 2008 saw the greatest slowing on the Ron Reports ever seen. This lead to the downfall of the Ron Reports. At this time there was so many options to choose from to chat at, the Ron Reports were just a speck compared to their former glory. Multiple 1,000 page threads could have easily been done in a month in the past, but not it struggled to get 1,000 posts in a few months. The series slowly limped to Ron Report 50. Knowing the series would come to an end, in the intro page to Ron Report 50, Ron thanked his followers saying, "thank you for the great ride." The series ended on July 29, 2010.


The Ron Report is looked upon as the single most important series to AJM STUDIOS.NET. Through it, it provided over 197,000 views to the site and over 50,000 posts. It has left a mark on the site as the most successful thread series ever, and has placed a benchmark of what a successful thread series should be like on AJM STUDIOS.NET. Many have tried to follow it's success and reign as supreme thread. No thread has shown as much dominance as the Ron Reports did and for so long. It is a cultural mark for AJM STUDIOS.NET and is looked upon positively, even after the late decline in 2008. Compared to threads now, it looks old tech, but it has had an impact and lasting appeal that no modern thread has been able to capture. The series lasted 3 years, 1 month, and 23 days, and over the course of 50 threads in the series, made it the highest amount of threads in a series on AJM STUDIOS.NET. It lasted 1,150 days.

The Ron Report RoomEdit

The Ron Report Room is located on the 22nd floor of the AJM STUDIOS Building, and partially the 23rd floor. The room had a grand entrance with a large 80 inch screen TV, seating area, and a fireplace. There is one bathroom on the 22nd floor. Stairs lead to the 23rd floor section of the room, and it overlooked the 22nd floor portion of the room. There was no door onto the rest of the 23rd floor from the upper tier of the Ron Report room. This second tier had a large kitchen, as well as seating overlooking the lower floor.

The door to the Ron Report room remain locked electronically and by manual key. Only AJM STUDIOS administration have clearance to enter the room currently.

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