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The Sneeze GameEdit

This game was created on December 2, 2009. It was created by member Kim. The series has over 5,000 views. The point of the series was to take the place of the old The Ubs-serific Poll of Strange Talliness threads. The Sneeze Game has set itself apart by allowing for more conversation and communication. Often members of this thread will share about their sneezes and embarrassing stories.



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The Sneeze Game - Released December 2, 2009. Closed April 24, 2010.

The Sneeze Game II - Released June 1, 2010. Closed April 7, 2011.

The Sneeze Game III - Released November 11, 2011.


This game quickly became controversial. The reason being the dislike of sneezes among members, claiming it to be a dirty subject, and the draw of people from fetish communities. Others, such as Dr. Belch, insist sneezes are both natural and ultimately beneficial, as the exchange of germs has been shown to temper the immune system and increase disease resistance. Some claimed this was just a follow up of the The Ubs-serific Poll of Strange Talliness threads which were controversial for the same reason, but highly popular. The Sneeze Game however is not supported by the UPU or Ubs-serific Franchise. There has yet to be an official quote from the S.S.S.S. about The Sneeze Game. This would be the second thread spin-off of the The Ubs-serific Poll of Strange Talliness threads, the first being a game created by Phil, with large support from Erin and some by Kim herself. That thread was called, "Something You Can't Live Without."