Willy Limburger in Grocery Store 101.

Willy Limburger is a truck driver who drops off goods at Mr. Grocery's Store. He is a character in the AJM STUDIOS comic, Grocery Store 101. Willy can also be seen in a select few episodes of, The Backroom Adventures of 414.


Willy is in his early to mid twenties, and is a truck driver for a distribution company located in Shelter Bay. Nothing is known about his family or personal life. He has said that he enjoys driving his large semi truck through small neighborhoods. He often goes to the movie theater when he is done with his truck route for the day. He only drives 15 minutes from Shelter Bay to Greenwood, leaving most of his day open.

Real Life CounterpartEdit

Willy's character appeared in the cartoon series before Grocery Store 101. He originally was a minor character in the AJM STUDIOS comic, "The Backroom Adventures of 414." Willy is a real person, though in Grocery Store 101 his last name is changed from his real name. His job position also changes to a truck driver. The reason why Willy was added into the Grocery Store 101 world is because of relations with series creator, and because, "Willy does funny things which makes him comical for a comic," according to series creator.

The Backroom Adventures of 414Edit


Willy as seen in, The Backroom Adventures of 414.

Willy was seen a few times in the comic series, The Backroom Adventures of 414. Though he never had a major role, he was seen as an employee at the store. He appeared to be neutral the ensuing department war in the store.


Willy's character features a spiked haircut with stubble on his face. He is always seen wearing his work clothes, with is a polo, khaki's, and usually with a pen in his right ear.

In the second episode, "How Can I Provide you with Excellent Service," it has been noted that a customer bears a striking resemblance to Willy. They are two different people as confirmed by the creator, but originally Willy was going to be a customer, and not a truck driver.


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