Your Day, Oh Hey Series

Created by USAPatriot, The thread series is made for general chatting, and talking about ones day. The thread series first started on December 14, 2005. Since it's creation, there have been over 11,400 posts and over 43,700 views. Commonly as of 2010, the series name was shortened by members as YDOH.



YDOH 6 Banner.

It was originally made as an alternative to the Ron Reports and Chatta Box, but soon many members compared it to those two threads as simply a "chat board." It became third on the pecking order. USAPatriot tried to make the thread different, because it was a thread branded to "talking about your day."

On March 27, 2008, Your Day Oh Hey 6 was released, and was looked upon as the re-birth of the thread series. It had a clever new intro art style for the front banner that lasted two threads after it. The banner had images of website members attached to cut-out bodies on the banner and was a real hit. It became the most viewed and popular of all the "Your Day Oh Hey" series, and by itself, attracted 4,363 views.


YDOH 9 Banner.

The next change for Your Day Oh Hey came on April 22, 2009, after another change was needed to regain it's value. The catch phrase, "Where Have You Been?" was released with the banner of You Day, Oh Hey 9. The thread succeeded and got a little above average on the view count, with 3,842. To divert the meaning of the thread, the slogan, "Where have you been?" was in use till Your Day, Oh Hey 13.

On June 28, 2010, the series did another change, getting rid of their common blue colors as the main color for the banner on the Your Day Oh Hey 14 banner. The banner itself fashioned the words YDOH has the main title for the first time ever and dropped the main title words of, "Your Day, Oh Hey.". The banner also fashioned a white background with four different colors of blue, and three colors of blue on the lower right hand side, similar to a wave. The title and text was mostly the classic golden yellow textile font.The slogan, "Where have you been?" was dropped and replaced with, "Whats YDOH?" This change was made because members commonly referred to the series as YDOH. The new slogan was a nod to this common practice.


Your Day, Oh Hey has holiday specials, often for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, depending if the thread starts up during that time of the year.